I’m sure you’ve all heard the question before… “How did you get into Skydiving?”

The Australian Parachute Federation teamed up with Christian Whyte to produce this awesome video that truly captures the spirit of skydiving and why we do it… Not just the epic jumps and fast angles but the camaraderie and community that we all feel. We bring you… “How To Skydive”.

Being an Australian brand we love seeing our friends feature in skydiving videos like this one, jumping over some of the most beautiful spots in Australia (and the world) like Skydive Jurien Bay and of course at the epic boogie that is Funny Farm (if you haven’t seen day tapes from Funny Farm, you’re missing out).

We’ve got heaps of mates in this video too and we think they did a pretty amazing job!


Want more videos? Check out our Vimeo channel. We’ve got heaps of cool stuff coming up!

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