Check out this hilarious video from our friends at Join The Teem. We don’t know who this sassy chick is but we’d like to! Check out her smooth ‘innocent girl checking out the view’ act! We salute you Maria!

20 TIMES ANIMALS KNEW WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO BE A SKYDIVER OR BASE JUMPER As Skydivers and BASE jumpers we feel a sense of camaraderie with each other. We’re a community, a team, a family! There’s something really special about being a part of this community and there are certain things that only Skydivers…

Check out this extremely education video about how to use a laser range finder for BASE Jumping. It’s very educational! 🙂

Introducing Woody & Jill, the first two members of the Chute First Shenanigan Squad! With everything from freeflying to BASE jumping, wingsuiting to tunnel flying, they tear it up! Keep your eyes peeled for some really cool projects these guys are getting involved in!

Check out this awesome teaser for Solo Base Documentary….

Heliboogie 2015 is just around the corner. so here’s one of day tapes from Heliboogie 2014 to get you all pumped… Amazing.

Fred & Vince were some of the first BASE jumpers and skydivers I watched on youtube. They never fail to impress… If you haven’t seen this already, prepare to wet your pants.

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